Timewerks in NY Times iPhone Ad

Timewerks is featured in a full-page, AT&T/Apple iPhone ad promoting business apps in today’s New York Times.
This morning I got a call from our friend Eddie: “Have you seen today’s New York Times?”
“No,” I replied.
“You’d better check out the ad on the back page of the first section,” he said.
I ran to the front porch and grabbed the paper. When I looked at the ad (right there on the back of the first section), I couldn’t believe my eyes:

There in a full-page, Apple/AT&T iphone ad was the Timewerks icon!

I had received an email a couple of weeks before from Apple regarding a potential “marketing opportunity”. They wouldn’t say what the opportunity was.
Sure, I said, I’m game.
I had no idea it would be this HUGE! All I can say is: Thank you Apple!