This project started when I read an article in Make Magazine about hacking a Rite Aid one-time use camcorder to mount in a model rocket. I hadn't launched model rockets since I was a kid, so the article immediately sparked my inner hacker.

I first built a SR-71 Blackbird rocket I had laying around the basement as kind of a "re-introduction" to rocketry (which, as you can see above, I never painted)

Then, I bought a camera at Rite Aid, hacked it, and installed it the nose of a D-sized Estes rocket, the Canadian Arrow.

The first flights were at 9 acres park in Redmond, WA on Sunday, September 23, 2007. The movie below is the result of the first 4 flights. For the next launch, I’m going to mount the parachute to the top of the nosecone, so you can view the ground on descent. Stay tuned!

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Watch the quicktime movie of the first test flights.
Or, download the quicktime file (m4v, H.264). It works on the iPhone as well!

I also uploaded the video to You Tube, but the quality is not so great: