Photowerks seamlessly integrates with your existing camera roll and then groups and displays your photos by when or where you snapped them.

For iPhone and iPad

Photowerks is available as a universal iOS app. Install photowerks on all your iOS devices to instantly catalog and organize your photos.

Instantly create new albums*

Smart Albums let you automatically create albums based on criteria you specify, such as date, location, camera type. New photos that meet an album's criteria are automatically added to the album


Dropbox support

Easily upload your photos to Dropbox

Clean and simple design

Quickly and easily find a specific photo using the indexed list view-- no more endless scrolling to find a specific photo. Tap any photo detail to view date taken and location (city, state, or country), or tap again to view just your photo in all its glory!

And more...

  • Automatically catalogues photos by date, city, state, country, camera make, or camera model**
  • Photos are displayed in both grid or list views
  • Sharing capability for email, Facebook, and Twitter (with photo captions listing photo date and location)
  • Create new albums in the Apple Photos app
  • View photo details with standard pinch-to-zoom gestures and swipe to view previous/next photo.
  • Catalog your photos without a network connection — each photo's city, state, country is looked up in an onboard database

* You can enable Smart Albums via In-App Purchase.
**Location stamp only works if Location Services were enabled on your device camera when you took the photo.

Product Support

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