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Timewerks Frequently asked questions

How can I move my data from Timewerks Lite to the paid version of Timewerks (Pro or Classic)?

You can use the built-in backup/restore feature to transfer your data from the lite version of timewerks to any paid version. Please follow these steps:

  1. First, login or create an account from the paid version.
  2. In the lite version, login to your account and backup your data (Backup and Restore->Backup->Create Backup)
  3. Then, in the paid version, login to your account and navigate to the restore backup view (Backup and Restore->Restore)
  4. You will see the backup you created in step 2. Tap the backup name to restore it.
  5. After the restore is complete, reopen the paid version and confirm that your data has been copied.

What is mytimewerks.com?

mytimewerks.com is the completely optional companion website to Timewerks.

A mytimewerks.com account is required for following timewerks modules (included with pro, optional with classic):

  • Sending invoices as a PDF attachment.
  • Adding a custom invoice logo.
  • Ability to backup/restore your timewerks data on our secure server.
  • Managing your timewerks data backups via the mytimewerks.com website.

What is a Timewerks Data Sync Subscription?

You can enhance your mytimewerks.com account by purchasing a Timewerks Data Sync Subscription. A sync subscription enables:

  • Ability to sync your timewerks data among multiple iOS devices and mytimewerks.com
  • Abiity to create and edit data via the mytimewerks.com website:
    • Create and edit clients, work items, and projects.
    • Create and edit project items (add/edit hours, add/edit line items).
    • Edit your invoice defaults and custom logo.
    • Perform basic invoice reporting.

The current pricing for the Timewerks Data Sync Subscription is as follows:

  • USD $2.99/month
  • Or, USD $24.99/year

You can purchase a sync subscription via More-> Modules within the Timewerks app.

Is a mytimewerks.com account required to use Timewerks?

No. The app is fully-functional as is. You can still track time, materials and send and HTML invoice from the stand-alone mobile application. If you don't want to create a mytimewerks.com account, and still export your data to another program, the built-in Data Export option in Timewerks allows you to export the data from your device to your computer by downloading the data as Comma-separated values (CSV) files for import into MS Excel or Numbers.

You can access Data Export via More-> Data Export within the Timewerks app.